Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Angels from near and far

Food parcels purchased with cash donated by US donors make life bearable for many.
 For more than 15 years, many, generous and kind folk in the US have financially supported Carryou Ministries. Without them, the organisation would likely not have survived. They have donated more than $ 500,000.
The following people and organizations in the US have been regular donors. Thank you!
 Jani Hegarty and the staff of Health and Wellness, NJ, Dianne and Doug Buckminster and American Express Gift Matching Programme, Jean, Ray and Rossi Ruffino, Martha DiPaolo, Emily and Chris Heffernan, Barbara and Bob Swanson, Kathy and Bill Lathrop, Christine Potts and St John's Church Ramsey, Tuxedo Park School, Baker High School, all the parishioners of St Mary's- in- Tuxedo who donate through the yard sales, bake sales and pancake breakfasts, particularly Prudence and George Thurston, Nan and Josh Bewlay, Jane Garofano, Serene Swirbul, and Lili Neuhauser.
 Current sponsors of individual children and families, donating  twice a year, are  Rachel and Paul DiPaolo, Maureen and Eric Honor, Martha Anderson, Sandy Taylor, Mandy and Steve Horne, Ann and Dan Gladding, and Sue Heywood.

Computers at the Carryou offices for the use of students
 Not only have these people helped feed countless, needy children, but individual local youngsters have also been provided  with computers, placed in the Carryou offices for their use, and funds needed to go to school and then attend tertiary education facilities. Some of these youngsters have completed university degrees, and are now back serving our local communities. Donors in the US also provided books, games, sports equipment, and furnishings for our two DICs, enabling these centers to offer the children so much more than the healthy meals being served daily to over 800 children.

Kids at Elandsvlei get books as a result of US donations

Sue Heywood hands over sports equipment


 When General Manager, Rev. Lawrence Mabaso, was recently held up at gunpoint and robbed of R33 000 outside Carryou Ministry's offices in Randfontein, Sue Heywood and her 'US Angels' stepped up and helped us in our hour of need. The cash the robbers stole was money he had withdrawn from his own pension savings in an effort to save Carryou from financial ruin.
 "There was a delay in funds promised to us, and as a result we were unable to pay the salaries of some of our staff members," says Rev. Mabaso. "These people also have to eat, pay their bills and keep roofs over their heads, so I took it upon myself to draw from my savings to help tide us over until things improved."  Lawrence's own salary was one of those that could not be paid.
 "I drew the money and believe the criminals followed me back to our offices, where they put a gun to my head, took the cash, my cell phone, car keys and wallet."


 The incident caused shock, disbelief and anger, but people quickly rallied around to help.
 In the US, Sue Heywood put the word out and immediately sent $1,500, funds that had been raised the same day as the robbery through a Community Yard Sale of second hand goods donated by St Mary’s-in- Tuxedo parishioners and friends.  Individual donors like Bob and Happy Millen, Rachel DiPaolo, Sue Heywood, and Chris and Emily Heffernan followed suit. This money will be sent shortly.
 Back home, the Randfontein Herald, the town's local newspaper, ran an article and appealed to the public to help. The Randfontein Publicity Association sent out an appeal to all its members. Shane Knowles, owner of Transwide Cellular, replaced Rev. Mabaso's stolen phone, and Ocean Basket restaurant in Randfontein gave Lawrence and his wife a meal voucher, as a small part of the cash he withdrew was to have a little family gathering to celebrate his wife's recent university graduation.
 Georgina Caetano, founder of the Just in Time Baby Sanctuary, an organisation also constantly struggling for funding, made a personal cash donation.
 "It is humbling to see how many people care and are concerned," says Rev. Mabaso. "We are deeply grateful to the folk who have supported us and continue to do so."
 Carryou is strengthened by knowing that people locally, and at the opposite side of the world, support our work which is  improving the quality of life for hundreds of families today, and providing opportunities for healthy and fulfilling lives for the next generation of South Africans.

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