Monday, January 23, 2017

Class of 2016

As proud as Punch! Carryou Ministries founder, Sr. Pam Jamison and General Manager, Rev. Lawrence Mabaso with Samuel Masebe (23) who last year, with the help of Carryou, successfully completed the first year of his degree at Wits University.

 At Carryou Ministries we are committed to uplifting and helping children become the best they can be. It is our goal to help kids realise their full potential and grow up to lead successful lives.
 Every day, at our Drop-in Centres in Toekomsrus and Elandsvlei, youngsters are given a healthy cooked meal, and trained Carryou Ministries staff members are available to help kids with homework, and other problems that may arise at school.
 So it was with great joy that we met with some of the youngsters who wrote and passed their matric exams last year. The purpose of the meeting was to see what the kids planned to do with their lives, and how Carryou could further help them, if possible.


 Over the years, mostly with the help of financial aid from generous US sponsors, co-ordinated by Sue Heywood, some youngsters have successfully completed university degrees and are now productive members of society and giving back to the community.
 "We are extremely grateful to our donors and proud of the youngsters who grasped the opportunities given them," says Carryou General Manager, Rev. Lawrence Mabaso.
 Lawrence took time to brief the matriculants on the power of vision and planning, in order to become successful.
 "You must first have a firm vision what you want to do in life, and how you can serve people," he said. "Then formulate a plan of exactly what steps you need to take, and set time-related goals to achieve those steps.
 "You must know what is required, and map out exactly what must be done to get there," he told the matriculants. "Carryou will do what we can to help you, but in the end it is your life, your responsibility, and you will have to knuckle down and put in effort."


 He pointed to Samuel Masebe (23), a young man who grew up in a shack in Elandsvlei, who last year successfully completed the first year of his degree at Wits University.
 "He is an example to all of us," said Lawrence.
 Samuel paid tribute to the help he got from Carryou.
 "I couldn't have achieved what I have without them," he says. "They kept encouraging me and provided financial assistance while I waited for a bursary to be approved. When the bursary came through there was still a shortfall,v and Carryou's American donors stepped up and helped.
 "I can hardly describe how grateful I am!"
 The class of 2016 has high hopes and lofty goals. They want to eventually become medical technologists, public administrators, Correctional Services officials and nurses.

Rev. Mabaso addresses successful matriculants and staff members on the importance of vision and setting goals.

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