Monday, June 6, 2016

Meet our people: Lucas Motshotsho

Lucas Motshotsho

 Twenty nine year-old Lucas Motshotsho is an example of what it is to give back.
 The Carryou Ministry, Child and Youth Care worker grew up as an orphan, and without the help he received from Carryou, he might have fallen through the cracks.
 "I came to the Toekomsrus Drop-in Centre every to get a cooked meal," he says. "In addition they supplied monthly food parcels, encouraged me and helped with my homework when needed.
 "After matriculating I worked as a volunteer at Carryou and then was trained and absorbed as a Care Giver," says Lucas. "When the the opportunity to study and be trained as a Child and Youth Care Worker came along, I grabbed it with both hands and applied. Five people from Carryou completed an eighteen month-long training course with the National Association of Child Care Workers."


 Lucas's task is to visit families in the field, establish what it is they need and put in place resources needed to help them.
 "I spend a lot of time talking to and observin peopleg," he say. "For example I may see a child has not gone to school. Then it is my job to find out why. Perhaps he or she is being bullied, or is in trouble with the teachers. In that case I may have to advocate for the child and intercede with the headmaster, so we can get the kid back to school. Where necessary, we seek the help of outside resources.
 "Nothing makes me happier than seeing a child who was doing poorly at school blossom and pass his or her exams," says Lucas.
 Lucas is married with a son. When not working he enjoys watching movies with his son and playing street soccer with his friends.

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