Sunday, May 29, 2016

Meet our People: Ronita Fisher

Ronita Fisher
 Thirty six year-old Ronita Fisher has been with Carryou Ministry for almost seventeen years, from the time the organisation was founded.
 She is the supervisor of the Child and Youth Care Programme established in August 2012.
 "I started with Carryou as a Care Worker in Toekomsrus when we were involved in home-based care," she says.
 "When I completed school I wanted to become a nurse but my matric results were not good enough to allow me entry.
 "I always wanted to care for and help people, so when I met Sister Pam Jamison, Carryou Ministry's founder, and she brought me on board, I was delighted. It was an opportunity to do something meaningful," says Ronita.
 Over time it was recognised by Government and NGOs that South Africa's children and youth are of the most vulnerable sectors of our population. This resulted in the setting up of the Child and Youth Care Worker's Programme (CYCW).


 "I applied to be part of it, and in the end five of us completed an eighteen month-long training course with the National Association of Child Care Workers," she says.
 "My job as the supervisor of 23 people is to oversee the reports, ensure the programmes are in place and monitor workers in the field. It is intensely rewarding.
 "If I am able to go home at night and know I have helped just one child, whether that is with his or her homework, helping get a birth certificate or being an advocate, I am happy."
 The single mom of three experienced the benefits of her training when her son died of cancer.
 "It helped me cope," she says.
When not working, Ronita enjoys reading, socialising and spending time with her two boys.

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