Thursday, June 16, 2016

Meet our people: Chane' Williams

Chane' Williams
 Chane' Williams (25) is a Child and Youth Care Worker at Carryou Ministry's Toekomsrus Drop-in Centre.
 Like so many others in the community, her first contact with Carryou came about when, as a child, she went to the centre every day for a hot meal and to get help with her homework.
 "I grew up in Toekies but my mother died when I was still at school so my granny raised me," she says. "A friend told me about Carryou and I became one of their orphan beneficiaries and received regular home visits from them. Their help changed my life and I wanted to give something back, so in the holidays I would hang around and do what ever was needed doing. I washed dishes, swept floors and helped in the kitchen.
 "I loved being able to work with the children," says Chane'. "After I completed matric I worked as a Carryou Ministry volunteer. They helped me compile a C.V. and I was selected for the government's Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP). Sometime later I was appointed EPWP Co-ordinator, where I was responsible for preparing reports for the Department of Social Welfare and sourcing training for EPWP workers."


 In 2012 Chane' was selected to be trained for the Child and Youth Care Workers' programme and after a two year course received her qualification. But she was not prepared to stop there.
 "I was also chosen to be trained as a Safe Park Co-ordinator and to receive instruction in Early Chilhood Development," she says. "The children make me happy. If I can make a child smile I am happy."
 When not working, Chane' spends as much time as possible with her child and is involved in church activities.
 "I would like to study Child Psychology in the future," she says.

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