Sunday, May 22, 2016

Making life better for Aunt Meisie

Aunt Meisie
 Four years ago 65 year-old Toekomsrus resident, Maria Haremse, more commonly known as Aunt Meisie, was confined to a wheelchair when she developed spinal problems.
 "Life was very tough," she says. "Surviving on a Government pension and disability grant is not easy, especially as I live with my daughter and grandchildren.
 "It was a struggle and particularly difficult when I had to go to the hospital for doctors' appointments. Transport could easily cost me R400 and then there was no money for food."
 But Aunt Meisie's life took a turn for the better when Carryou Ministry field workers got to hear of her plight.
 "On 18 July last year, Mandela Day, our Child and Youth Care Programme workers decided they wanted to do something to help her," says Kenneth Malepe, Carryou Ministry Programme Manager.
 "They undertook to plant a vegetable garden for her and also to plaster the rear walls of her home and do some other repairs."
 The garden was planted and soon producing a variety of fresh, healthy food.
 "I ate spinach, pumpkin, carrots, beetroot and onions," says Aunt Meisie. "It was an enormous help and a big cash saving."


 However at the time there was no money available to purchase the materials required to do the house repairs and improvements.
 "This month we got the cash needed," says Kenneth.
 Last week Child and Youth Care Workers descended on Aunt Meisie's home to complete the job, and at the same time freshen up the food garden and plant a new batch of vegetables.
 "It is wonderful and makes me very happy," she says.
 Arrangements have been made to take Aunt Meisie to the Carryou Drop In Centre in Toekomsrus every day.
 "There she will be taken care of and given a hot meal, and in return will teach youngsters knitting skills," says Kenneth.

Freshening up the food garden

The back wall is finally plastered

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  1. Thank the Lord for another life improved by Carryou ministry