Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Meet our people: Ndivhuwo Daba

 Ndivhuwo Daba (33) has been a Social Mobilisation Coordinator with Carryou Ministry since September last year but his life could easily have taken another path.
 "I completed three years of a university law degree in Limpopo and then, one day after school, I was stabbed and my life went haywire," he says. "I needed time to think and reflect, so I dropped out of university and came to Randfontein where my father worked.
 "Along the way I met Mzi (Tshikitsha) and he offered me a position with Carryou. Strangely, I always wanted to be a social worker, or something along those lines, as I like working with people. I love what I am now doing.
 "Unfortunately I chose the wrong degree but I have only one and a half more years to complete it and one day I will."
 Ndivhuwo's main function at Carryou is liaising with companies so health-testing and primary health education days can be set up for workers on the business's premises.
 "The response is generally very good," he says, "and we are able to supply them with statistics regarding the health of their employees, so they can do what is needed to follow up. Of course no information is given about individuals - that is confidential."


 Ndivhuwo led a nomadic type of life growing up.
 "My father's job saw us living in Limpopo, Botswana, Soweto and Lenasia," he says.
 His great love, outside of his job, is radio.
 "I started working on campus radio and then went to a radio station in Limpopo," he says. "I've been applying for part-time gigs on local radio stations but so far have had no luck."
 In a long-term relationship, Ndivhuwo has two daughters, one aged 6 years and the other, 7 months.
 "When not working, I'm kept busy by them," he says. "I also read a lot."

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