Monday, June 15, 2015

Meet our people: Lindiwe Peter

 Lindiwe Peter (52) is an HIV and AIDS Site Co-ordinator at Carryou Ministry.
 "I joined Carryou in 2006 when the organisation took over the running of health clinics in Randfontein area," she says. "I started at the Mohlakeng Clinic in 2000, as a volunteer counsellor, where I cared for bed-ridden TB patients, visited them, gave them treatment and ensured they followed their medication regimen.
 "It was very different from my previous job where I was employed as a Stockroom Clerk with a national clothing chain that eventually shut down and went out of business.
 "At the time I was also involved in Christian counselling with couples and teenagers and did a counselling course in Pretoria," she says. "So, when the clothing store closed its doors I volunteered at the clinic, where I counselled and did health-testing and HIV Prevention of Mother to Child training.
 "After Carryou took over the clinics I was selected to be sent to college, where I received a National Certificate in Counselling and was promoted to the position of Site Co-ordinator."


 Lindiwe's job entails the supervision and control of the field counsellors at four clinics in Mohlakeng and Toekomsrus.
 "I have to ensure the counsellors are where they should be and fully equipped to perform their functions," she says. "I compile and check the statistics gathered and collate that information into a monthly report for senior management.
 "In addition, Government recognised the need for outreach and, as a result, we have taken our services beyond the confines of the clinics, to farms, factories, shopping malls and schools. The initiative is having a major impact and is very exciting and fulfilling.
 "I love nothing more than rolling up my sleeves and helping in the field when we are short-staffed."


 The proud mother of an 18 year-old daughter, currently in her second year of study at the North West University, Lindiwe is deeply involved in her church.
 "I am part of the inner-worshipping team, involved in the running and functioning of the church," she says. "I also cook and care for my 87 year-old mom and make soup and help the grannies in my community. Sometimes I am forced to hire a car to get them to the clinic or church.
 "My dream is to get my driver's licence and then somehow find a way to own a car."

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