Friday, June 5, 2015

Meet our people: Mary Jane Lekgoe

 "If I can help one person a day who says: 'I feel better', I've had an amazing day!" says Mary Jane Lekgoe (38), Site Co-ordinator of the Carryou Ministry/Gauteng Department of Health Testing and Social Mobilisation Programme.
 The mother of a 16 year-old daughter, Mary Jane grew up in Mohlakeng, Randfontein and in 2002 moved to Finsbury.
 She started her career with Carryou in 2008, working at the clinic in Koksoord.
 "I always wanted to be a social worker but there was no money to study further," she says. "Then I saw a Department of Health advert looking for HIV Counselors and applied.
 "In 2008 Carryou took over all the clinic counselors and I met Mzi (Tshikitsha). He recognised my potential and enthusiasm and arranged for me to study at the HIVSA College in Johannesburg, where I completed the 18-month National Certificate in Counselling.
 "After I graduated I was transferred from the clinic to the Carryou Head Office and promoted to Site Co-ordinator," says Mary Jane.
 Every day she must ensure the 12 counsellors who report to her know exactly where they need to go and what is required of them.
 "We work both on the streets and at company's premises," she says. "For example, sometimes we set up gazebos, testing and counseling facilities at taxi ranks. In addition, it is my job to liaise and make arrangements with companies, so we can provide services to their staff members."

Significant impact

 According Mary Jane, the health-testing programme makes a significant impact in Randfontein. Many people avoid going for testing at clinics, as they are apprehensive about seeing someone who knows them.
 "But, because we test for multiple conditions, including sugar diabetes and high blood pressure and we guarantee absolute confidentiality, people are happy to come to us.
 "I absolutely love my job," she says. "It is incredibly fulfilling to help people and change their lives."
 When not working, Mary Jane is involved in church activities.
 "I am a committee member at my church," she says. "That keeps me very busy and I still plan to get that University Degree in Social Work, one day."


  1. Carry you ministries doing their things

  2. Carry you ministries doing their things

  3. This country needs more dedicated people like Mary-Jane, keep it up the wonderful work!!