Thursday, May 28, 2015

Exploring ways to better serve the community

( L to R) Mzi Tshikitsha, Programme Manager: Carryou/Gauteng Department of Health Testing and Social Mobilisation Programme, Brenda Naholo, Programme Manager: Elandsvlei, Sister Nana Mthambeka from the Circumcision Programme, Slay Mthambeka also from the Circumcision Programme and Ds Johan van der Merwe from the Lewende NG Kerk

 Carryou Ministry and the Lewende Nuwe Generasie Kerk, a church in Randfontein, are looking at ways to partner and further help serve the community in the area.
 "We are exploring ways to co-ordinate the work and efforts of local NGOs, churches and organisations, so we don't step on each others' toes and are able best make use of our resources," says Ds Johan van der Merwe of the Lewende NG Kerk.
 "We all believe there is potential to establish partnerships that are both good and sustainable and that will have the support of the community and businesses."
 "Although nothing has yet been finalised and, to be honest, we are still just at the exploratory phase, many areas are being looked at, including expanding the health awareness and screening programme," says Mzi Tshikitsha, Programme Manager of the Carryou/Gauteng Department of Health Testing and Social Mobilisation Programme.
 "There is great need and many social issues that need addressing in Randfontein and these discussions are yet another attempt to continually improve our service."

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