Thursday, May 14, 2015

Meet our people - Neo Mosiane

 Neo Mosiane (28) has the vital job of helping organise and run, Carryou Minstry General Manager, Rev. Lawrence Mabaso's day.
 "At the beginning of January, I was unemployed and took my CV to the Department of Health in Krugersdorp," she says. "I ended up on the Extended Public Works Programme and was referred to Mzi (Tshikitsha) at Carryou, where I started work as one of his Personal Assistants. However, a little while later I was moved to Rev. Mabaso's office, to become his PA.
 "I love the job and, although I have never worked as a PA before, I am learning every day. It is very fulfilling."
 Neo grew up in Mohlakeng, Randfontein and is married with two kids, a boy aged seven and a baby daughter of 15 months.

Funeral undertaker

 In the past she has worked as an admin clerk with a funeral undertaker and also had a little home-business where she did nails and manicures.
 "I still have clients who come to me to get their nails done," she says.
 But her great love is food.
 "My aunty is a caterer in Pretoria and I spent a lot of time helping and being taught by her," she says. "As a result, I recently started a little after-hours business, catering for kids parties and hope to grow it into a large, fully-fledged, catering operation one day.
 "My favourite dishes to cook are biryani, lasagna and grilled chicken."
 When not working or cooking, Neo enjoys visiting interesting places with her family.

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