Friday, March 28, 2014

A fruitful association with the University of Johannesburg

Precious Maleka, third year University of Johannesburg student
University students studying for a Bachelor of Social Work degree are required to complete practical and field work.
 As such, the University of Johannesburg works closely with Carryou Ministry and two third year students are currently attached to our organisation.
 Precious Maleka (21) is one such student.
 “Carryou Ministry acts as our agency,” she says, “opening doors to the community so we can do our work.
 “My task this year is to design, plan and implement a community project that will make a real difference and is sustainable after I am gone.
 “Right now, Carryou is helping me meet with communities that they serve in the Randfontein area, so I can assess and discuss what it is they need,” Maleka says.
 “It is up to the community to decide what they need and, once that is established, I must draw up and submit a project-plan to my lecturers that makes an impact, brings about change, is sustainable and involves individuals in the community.
 “If approved, I then must start implementing it.”
 Precious has always had a passion for helping others. Raised in a small village in Limpopo she saw how an orphaned school friend stuggled to care for her siblings and maintain a functioning household.
 “At times it was not possible for her to attend school, as she had to care for her brother or sister and there were occasions they had no food,” says Precious. “That is what ignited a fire and pushed me into this field of work.”

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  1. I always believed that my niece had this gift of giving a hand were needed.. #Proud_Uncle