Monday, April 14, 2014

Growing food to feed the hungry

Carryou Ministry was recently given a ten-year lease on a small holding at Vleikop on the outskirts of Randfontein.
 "We are deeply grateful and will be using the property to cultivate and supply vegetables to our feeding programmes," says a delighted Rev. Lawrence Mabaso, Carryou Ministry General Manager.
 "There is also a house on the property that we plan to use to house vulnerable children."
 The ground has so far been rough-ploughed and tunnels will be erected shortly.
 "We've received an aid grant from the US Government to help get the project underway," says Rev Mabaso, "but we are looking for someone with farming experience who can provide us with mentorship and training."
 The project is designed to provide food for Carryou Ministry's feeding schemes, generate income from the sale of surplus produce and provide employment, training and skills for a small number of unemployed people.

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