Thursday, September 29, 2016

Waiting for funding

 Lesiba Mmethi, HR Officer at Carryou Ministry

Rev. Lawrence Mabaso, Carryou Ministries General Manager and Cecile Kirk, Chairmain of Umshini Consultants.
 People in the Vleikop area involved with the Carryou Ministries Farming Programme are eagerly waiting to hear whether an application for training, funded by Agri SETA will be approved.
 The initiative was put in place by Cecile Kirk, Chairman of Umshini Consultants, who will be organising and running the Farm Workers Training Course if approval is granted.
 "Twenty five local community members, who have already been selected, will be trained in crop production at our Vleikop farming site," says Lesiba Mmethi , Human Resources Officer at Carryou Ministry. "Of those the majority are women. Preference was given to volunteers already working on the programme, but other people will also be involved."

Feed own families

 The thirty day-long course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to grow vegetables to feed their own families and sell excess production to generate further income.
 "Depending on future funding, we may be able to employ some of the graduates permanently at the Carryou Ministry Farming Programme," says Lesiba. "In the meantime we're holding thumbs and waiting."

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