Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Some facts and figures about the Elandsvlei Drop In Centre

Elandsvlei Drop In Center
 The Elandsvlei Drop In Centre was started in 2008, as a feeding project for children, and was then called Mablomong, after the primary school in the area, on which it was situated.
 As a result of a number of logistical problems, including access to the property during school holidays, it was decided, in 2010, to move to a piece of ground at the nearby OR Tambo informal settlement, where most of the children resided.


 A kitchen was erected, containers were acquired and toilets and water were installed. Since then, the facility has grown into a fully fledged, multi-purpose community centre, that includes a creche for pre-school kids. Children receive protection from neglect, food, healthcare and access to Child Care forums, counseling, assistance with school homework and help in gaining access to tertiary education.
 In addition, assistance is given with the registration of birth certificates and ID documents, applications for social welfare grants and access to social workers and relevant service providers.
 In the previous year, on a daily basis, 418 people, (367 orphaned and vulnerable children and 51 adults) received services from the Elandsvlei Drop In Centre and 4200 visits were done by members of Programme Manager, Brenda Naholo's team.

The kitchen at Elandsvlei

The creche

Programme Manager at Elandsvlei, Brenda Naholo

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