Monday, August 17, 2015

Helping a young woman achieve her dreams

 Cecilia Sefako has had a tough life but, thanks to Carryou Ministry, generous sponsors in the USA and the tireless work of a social worker, she now has hope for a brighter future.
 The young woman lives in humble conditions on a farm on the outskirts of Randfontein where there is no electricity.
 With sponsorship through Carryou, last year, she completed a computer course and was looking forward to finding a job that would help lift her out of poverty but, before that could happen, she gave birth to a child.
 "It caused the process to grind to a halt and put paid to her plans," says Rev. Lawrence Mabaso, Carryou General manager. "Understandably, she became frustrated and despondent.
 "We arranged for one of our social worker interns, Precious Maleka, to visit her, as we knew Cecilia has promise and did not want her to fall through the cracks."


 "She was very negative when we first met," says Precious, "but in the end she changed her attitude completely. She said she really wanted to study for a degree in adult education."
 "I contacted Sue Heywood in the US, who has previously raised education sponsorships for other people, and asked if she could help," says Rev Mabaso, "and soon after, we got good news from the United States.
 "The only way it is possible for Cecilia to further her studies, is through distance-learning through the University of South Africa. We applied on her behalf to enrol for three subjects and paid the registration fees totalling R4219."
 Cecilia was then required to draw a study and work plan, in co-operation with the social worker, to ensure her studies are successful.
 "She will come to our offices on a weekly basis to use the computers for her assignments, as well as to visit the nearby library," says Rev. Mabaso. "We have undertaken to help her where we can and will be monitoring her closely, to ensure she does what is needed to be successful."

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