Monday, November 3, 2014

US supporters buy computers for local learners to use

The generosity of US supporters will assist students and learners achieve academic success.
 When Sue Heywood, one of our biggest and most dedicated supporters from the USA, came to visit recently, she spent time talking to Carryou-supported students and learners.
 She discovered these young people faced a serious obstacle to achieving academic success  - when they got home after classes there was no access to computers. This made it impossible to complete assignments, practice skills learned or do research.
 As a result, when she returned to the US, she immediately went about raising money to buy computers that the learners could use. With the help of many generous people in her community she quickly raised enough cash to purchase two powerful computers that have since been installed in a designated area at the Carryou Ministry Head Office.
 The machines are equipped with all the software needed, including Microsoft Office.
 "This is going to make an enormous difference in the lives of these and future learners," says Carryou Ministry General Manager, Rev. Lawrence Mabaso. "Our young people now have access to a wonderful facility.
 "It is a wonderful gift."

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