Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Carryou Ministry Success Story

 Mavis Makope (20) is a Carryou Ministry success story.
 Against seemingly insurmountable odds, she is successfully studying for a diploma in Human Resources at the Crane International Academy in Mpumalanga. This was made possible by support from Carryou Ministry and other donors.
 Her story starts in Zimbabwe where, when she was only two months-old, her father died leaving her and her sister to be raised by a single mother.
 "In 2004 my mother died and two years later my sister and I came to South Africa as illegal immigrants," Mavis says. "Conditions in Zimbabwe were terrible. Political instability saw schools closed and life was very tough.
 "I was 12 when we got to South Africa and for two years we lived in Nelspruit and I did not attend school. Then an aunt suggested I come to Randfontein and, in 2009, I started school there."

Ground to make up

 Makope had a lot of ground to make up but she put her head down and caught up. She matriculated with good results last year.
 "While at school a friend introduced me to Carryou and they started the process of getting my documentation sorted out, so I could stay in the country legally," she says, "and gradually I became involved in the organisation's activities. I became part of a study group and involved with the Childcare Forum.
 "After school I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do but God works in wonderful ways and I was offered the opportunity and financial support to study further. It is an 18-month diploma course and I will finish next year.
 "Then I hope to find work as a Human Resources manager in a large corporation or maybe even work for Carryou," Mavis says.

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  1. Well done Makope. May God continue to open doors for you.