Monday, July 15, 2013

Books for the kids in Toekies!

 July 4 is US Independence Day, when Americans celebrate their freedom. This year the day was a little more special for the staff of Health and Wellness Partners in New Jersey. (
 Under the auspices of Judy Handley, they donated US$750 (approx R7 200) that was used to buy books for the kids at the Carryou Drop-in Centre at Toekomsrus.
 170 books, both fiction and non-fiction were bought and delivered to a group of beaming, delighted children.
 "This is a wonderful gift and we are deeply grateful," says Kenneth Malepe, Programme Manager at the Toekomsrus Drop-in Centre. "These books will bring delight and joy to children for many years and will help build and develop their minds."
 When Judy Handley saw the photo of the smiling kids with their new books she said: "This photo is a perfect way to start the Independence Day Holiday! The books were given by HWP and the hope is they will serve to help the children at Carryou build a better life -- one in which independence is the key!"

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