Friday, January 11, 2013

US kids collect money to buy books for Randfontein kids

 Tuxedo Park School is a small school situated about 65km north west of New York City in the USA but it has a connection to Carryou Ministry and kids in Randfontein.
 Founded in 1900, the school values integrity, perseverance, respect and gratitude and endeavours to develop a sense of connectedness to one another, to its local community and the world both nearby and far away. Students come from 35 different communities in Orange, Rockland, Bergen and Passaic Counties, with diverse backgrounds but a shared love for learning and working together.
 This is an excerpt from their latest newsletter:

Coins-For-Books Fundraiser by the Grade 3 Students

 The third grade class studied South Africa for its culture study. Mrs. Heywood came for a visit before Winter Break. When we got half-way through her presentation, we were interested.
 Then Mrs. Heywood told us about a school in South Africa with no books. We got really interested in it and wanted to help, so we started the whole operation. We began the process of helping a school in Moblomong, South Africa with no books. We're going to get money for books. We are hoping everyone in the TPS community can give because we have so much and they have so little. -- By Grade 3 students Nicholas Hansen, Jace Howhannesian, Sean Coen and Matthew Harper.

 Prior to Winter Break third graders immersed themselves in learning about South Africa. Students were lucky to have some resources to draw on in the community to help them learn about the geography, customs, and history of a country so far away. Third grade parent, Sean Harper shared artifacts from South Africa and stories from his childhood growing up in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
 Sue Heywood, a Tuxedo Park resident, came to share about her travels in South Africa and her work with the organization CarryYou. Students were moved by her presentation, especially by the fact that children at some schools had few to no books in their classrooms.
 Students have worked collaboratively to plan, receive approval, and implement a coin drive. The money they earn will be used by Sue Heywood and CarryYou to purchase books recommended by our third graders for students at a school in Moblomong, South Africa.
 Each day, during the week of January 14 to January 18, third graders will be collecting change to make a difference in the lives of these children. Members of the TPS community can donate coins from 8:00 to 8:45am inside at the three main entrances and outside at a drive-by station near the Primary School entrance. For more information, please attend the third graders' presentation in the Primary School Gym on Friday, January 11 at the start of the Middle School Talent Show. Please keep your eyes and ears open for posters, flyers, and video containing more information about their project. -- Colleen Schilly.

 "We are deeply moved and grateful to people so far away who are doing something to help struggling kids in our community," says Rev Lawrence Mbaso, Carryou Ministry, General Manager.
 "We are indeed blessed."

Kathleen McNamara - Tuxedo Park School, Head.

For more about Tuxedo Park School visit their website:

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