Monday, November 19, 2012

From Congo to Carryou

 Meet our people: Lydia Makambo (32) has come a long way -- quite literally.
 Carryou Ministry's new Liaison Officer for French Stakeholders, grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo and arrived in South Africa only in 2009.
 "French was my home language and I spoke no English. I barely knew how to greet people," she says. Her English is now impeccable.
 The married mother of a two year-old son came into contact with Carryou Ministry, purely by chance.
 "Mzi and Sister Pam knocked on the door of my home in Toekomsrus while looking for someone else," she says. "
We got talking and they told me about the work they were doing, particularly with orphans and vulnerable children. Their story touched my heart and I decided to volunteer for a month before I returned to fulltime studies."
 Caring for children and orphans has always been a passion for Lydia.
 "I grew up in a Christian family in Kinshasa where both my parents were deeply committed Christians and were a wonderful example to me, my brothers and sisters. They gave us a happy childhood but, at the same time, made us aware there were many kids far less fortunate. I began to notice the plight of other children, especially the suffering of the orphans and could only imagine what it was like not to be part of a loving family."
 In 2004 Lydia graduated from college with a diploma in Management and Hospital Administration.

Far away

 "I got a job as the general manager of a hospital in Lubumbashi in Katanga Province, far away from where I grew up," she says. "And it was then while I was away from home and separated from my family that I really began to feel how the children and orphans felt."
 A few years later she married and followed her husband to South Africa where he worked as a doctor.
 "While studying for a diploma in Management and Office Administration I still kept in contact with Carryou Ministry and, when I graduated earlier this year, I again volunteered my services," she says.
 "Carryou Ministry gave me the opportunity to serve as Liaison Officer, specifically to inform French companies and organisations of the vital work we do.
 "I think this is the best job I could ever have and firmly believe in the principle that, if everyone gives a little of themselves, a huge difference can be made."

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