Monday, October 22, 2012

Providing for souls and empty tummies

 Hans Dippenaar (59) is a man determined to make a difference in the lives of Randfontein's most desperate residents.
 The local business man is not only building a church that will serve the spiritual needs of the nearby Elandsvlei informal settlement but has also given Carryou Ministry rights to use two hectares of his farm that abuts the settlement.
 "A few months ago Rev. Lawrence Mbaso, Carryou general manager, approached me," says Mr Dippenaar. "He told me they wanted to start a vegetable farming program so they could grow some of their own food to help supplement their feeding schemes and also create employment in the impoverished area.
 "I agreed to set aside two hectares, at no charge, and said I would help get electricity to the area but that Carryou must fence-off the piece of land and make plans to provide water.
 "If you can't make a difference in people's lives, what's the point of living?" he says.

Church opening

 And Mr Dippenaar is making a big difference. In two weeks time (4 November), the church he is building, largely with his own money, will be opened.
 "One night, God laid it upon my heart to build a church," he says. "I had no idea how I would do it, or where I would get the money but the Lord had a plan that He put into action and, though it looked impossible, everything simply fell into place."
 The farm across the road from the small-holding where he was born, raised and has lived his entire life, was suddenly offered for sale and he was able to purchase it at around half the original asking price.
 "When one of the owner's heard I intended building a church on the property told me that 16 years ago, God showed him a vision of a church on the farm and it was now finally coming to fruition!" says Mr Dippenaar.
 The church will have a full-time pastor and a house for him and his family will soon be erected adjacent to it.
 "I also plan to build some cottages that will house retired ministers who will work amongst all communities in Randfontein. There is great need in our area," he says.

Work is on schedule for the November opening.

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