Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More progress with the new creche

 All of the buildings are in place and waiting for the arrival of the children at the site of the new creche.
 "We are just waiting for the final funding for the erection of toilets and jungle gyms," says Carryou Ministry General Manager, Rev. Lawrence Mabaso. "As soon as that is done, hopefully very soon, we will be ready to start operating. In the meantime the kids are being catered for at the Elandsvlei Drop In Center.
 "People have been identified who will be sent on Early Childhood Development training courses soon. So it is all systems 'go'."
 "We were able to repay the loan we got, that we used to erect a security fence around the new creche, with donations and grants from the United States, organized by our wonderful friend and partner, Sue Heywood. The generosity and kindness of so many people in the US makes an enormous difference to the lives of people we serve," says Lawrence.

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