Monday, January 25, 2016

A new creche and park

The fence is up, the rest soon to follow!
 A few years ago a creche was set up at the Elandsvlei Drop In Centre to serve the needs of children living in the adjacent informal settlement and on nearby farms.
 "It was always meant to just be temporary measure, while we looked for a larger, more suitable, piece of ground," says Reverend Lawrence Mabaso, Carryou Ministry General Manager.
 "We have now acquired the needed land, and within the next couple of weeks the creche will be relocated."
 The site is conveniently located approximately half way between the current facility and the Mablomong Farm School and will allow a lot more kids to be helped.

Too small

 "Our current area is simply too small," says Rev. Mabaso. "With around 500 kids making use of the facilities at the Drop in Centre, there just is no space for them to play. Added to that, the law requires pre-school children be kept separate from older children."
 In addition to a new creche that will focus on children aged from three to five, a larger safe-park will be developed for the older youngsters.
 "Our creche can currently accommodate around 25 preschoolers but we will be able to double that number when we move," says Rev. Mabaso. "Our goal is to co-operate with the nearby school and prepare the children for Grade R.
 Work is feverishly underway at the new site. The area has been leveled and a new, palisade fence has been constructed.
 "Later this week the containers used as classrooms and a kitchen will be delivered," says Lawrence.

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