Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lives saved and an impact made

The Team

 In August 2014 the Department of Health introduced two programs, Social Mobilization and HIV Counseling and Testing. These projects were set up to operate in alliance with local health clinics and communities.
 They are vital to the clinics, as they help those institutions achieve the targets prescribed by the Department of Health.
 The Carryou Ministry Social Mobilization program is a process where a wide range of people within the community are engaged with, to raise awareness of and education about important health issues. Carryou Health Coordinators educate, present information and keep members of the community updated on important health issues.
 The HIV Counseling and Testing program provides services to individuals, couples and families and, throughout the year, a large number of informal settlements and companies were visited on a regular basis.
 The counselors are highly trained and work closely with allied organizations and professions. Testing results are available within 20 minutes and people who test positive are counseled and referred to clinics and other health practitioners for further treatment.


 During the year 6553 people were tested for HIV and other ailments. Of these 3694 were males and 2859 females. 120 females tested positive, as opposed to 85 males.
 784 913 male condoms and 84 622 female condoms were distributed. 181 TB cases were detected and referred for further treatment and 6993 people were tested for hypertension.
 "There is no doubt, these two programs have had a major impact and saved many lives," says Mzi Tshikitsha, Program Manager.

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