Thursday, March 12, 2015

More Randfontein Show highlights

 The 2015 Randfontein Show has come and gone and, by all reports, was the best ever. We're still working on the final numbers and will publish a report-back soon but, in the meantime, here are a few more pictures of Carryou Ministry's involvement.
 A Carryou Ministry team of Gumboot dancers put on three performances that were all enthusiastically received.
 According to WikipaediaGumboot dancing was conceived by black miners in South Africa as an alternative to drumming—which authorities restricted. Another reason for gumboot dancing was for the miners in South Africa as they worked they sang. Gumboot dancing has now become a world-known dance; in schools children perform the dance. The boots were a solution to a problem of often flooded gold mines in which men otherwise stood in knee-deep water toiling at their work stations. It is also thought that the workers used the gumboots to relay messages to each other that they did not want their bosses to overhear.
 The dancers received free caps and tshirts from local mall, Village Square, coldrinks, ice cream and food ticket.

 Another highlight was when the Carryou/Gauteng Department of Health, screening and testing stall was awarded second place in its category.

 "This is an amazing achievement as it was the first time we had a stand at the show," says Programme Manager, Mzi Tshikitsha.

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