Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy birthday to our 'Mother Theresa'!

Recently it was the birthday of Sue Heywood, who, over the years has raised hundreds of thousands of rands to support Carryou Ministry's programmes. We thought it would be nice to share a letter we sent to her and to once again wish her a wonderful birthday.


This is the day of the birth of the extraordinary lady!  A beautiful baby girl was born on the 03 of March and I can just imagine how great the joy of  Almighty God was because he knew she would be an instrument of hope to girls and boys who have no hope in the twentieth century

As you grow older and accumulate the years, may God bless and increase your youthful, passionate, heart so you may continue to be a fruitful vine, bringing hope and blessings to many. Not only have you changed the lives of many destitute children under Carryou Ministry’s care but you are also the comfort and foundation of your family.

Please celebrate this day, your birthday, in the knowledge that God created you for a great purpose and it all started with your birthday.

May God favour you with a healthy body, extra, gracious, years to live and the continued drive of an honourable purpose. Were we not separated by such distance, we would have taken you out for a special birthday treat as a tiny token of appreciation that could not be compared to the monthly gifts you generously give to those you love and support here.

Happy birthday to a timeless classic - and Alan, we acknowledge you too, as a loving husband. Be our ambassador to entertain Sue, not only as your special rose and noble wife but as our Mother Theresa of Carryou Ministry who has never forgotten her children.
Job 12:12 in the Bible says “with the ancient is wisdom and in length of days understanding”

Congratulations, Sue, on acquiring a little more wisdom. Your sacrifice and commitment to help will never be forgotten.

With kind regards

Rev. Lawrence Mabaso
Carryou Ministry General Manager

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