Thursday, November 20, 2014

Meet our People - Louis Carstens

  About five years ago, Louis Carstens got involved with Carryou Ministry and has since assisted in setting up accounting systems and continues to reconcile accounts and salaries so they meet SARS' strict requirements.
 In addition, the former full time professional musician trains and mentors Carryou staff members in bookkeeping procedures.
 "Years ago my daughter advertised accounting services and was contacted by Carryou," says Louis. "But later she was offered permanent employment elsewhere and asked if I would take over. I've been involved ever since."
 Louis has a long history with computer and accounting systems.
 "I studied engineering at university but music got in the way and I never completed the degree," he says. "As a result, I got a job with Olivetti, selling bookkeeping machines - this was before the arrival of personal computers.
 "At the same time I was a member of a professional band and, when we were hired to play five nights a week at the President Hotel in Johannesburg, I decided to become a full time musician.
 "We had gigs all over the country but when my eldest daughter started school, the lifestyle and travelling became difficult and I needed to find something more settled."

Personal computer

 It was around this time Louis bought an early-model HP personal computer.
 "I taught myself to program it," he says, "wrote a bookkeeping package and started setting up bookkeeping systems for companies.
 "I also bought a van, fitted it with a desk and had my HP computer in the back. I drove around, cold-canvassing, offering on site bookkeeping services and would park beside an office, run a power cable through its window and produce the reports required."
 Louis is still involved in music and on Sundays reverts to being a musician, when he is the cocktail pianist and singer at an upmarket game lodge near Krugersdorp.

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