Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coins for Change changes kids from different worlds

 More news from our friends at Tuxedo Park School. As readers will know, the third graders at the school in New York collected money that was used to buy books for children at Mablomong School and at the Elandsvlei Drop-in Centre in Randfontein.
 Colleen Schilly, one of the teachers at the school, then made a video containing images of the books hand-over that then screened Tuxedo Park School.
 Sue Heywood was there and sent this report.

 "I have just come back from Tuxedo Park School where the third grade and I watched the video that Colleen made. They also were each given a "book" of the letters that the South African children had written and they spent some time reading these and asking questions about what they read.
 "I think what struck them most was the fact that the South African children's letters stated simply that they lived in 'O.R.Tambo Squatter Camp.' For the SA children this was just a fact and they didn't complain. However the reality of that camp is that the 'homes' are corrugated iron shacks that the family has built themselves, with a mud floor,cracks in the walls and roofs, no heat or power and no running water. Yet their letters also said things like: "I chose this book because I like jokes and adventures as well. This book made me laugh and even made me forget about netball practise and I got punished. I had to do 50 laps."   The Tuxedo Park School children somehow related to this! They also were delighted that each letter was addressed to one of them and often the things they liked to do were exactly the same!
  "Coins for Change did make a change for both groups of children."

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