Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fresh bread every day

 All over the world charities face an uphill struggle to raise sufficient funds so they can continue to do their work. In South Africa charities and N.G.O.s are finding it increasingly tough as over 15 million people rely on Government for social grants in order to survive.
 There just isn't enough Government money to go around.
 It was this in mind that Carryou Ministry decided that they needed to find ways to become self-sustainable and the idea of opening and running a bakery was born.
 "It's a way of generating income and also supplying bread to our feeding projects," says Carryou General Manager, Rev. Lawrence Mabaso, "in addition it will create jobs for eight people and impart valuable skills."
 Late last year application for funding for the project was made to the National Development Agency for the cash needed to purchase the necessary equipment for a bakery to be set up at the Toekomsrus Drop-in Centre in Randfontein.
Bakery Manager, Anna Mogase
 R350 000 (approximately US$44 000) was made available and ovens and other necessary bits and pieces were purchased. A full time Bakery Manager was appointed and staff members were sent for training at a local, commercial baker.
 "We are busy with the final fittings and making the changes required by the Municipal Health Department and then it will be all systems go." says Bakery Manager, Anna Mogase. "We are looking forward to being able to supply our communities with freshly-baked bread every day.

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